About Us.


Ensure that technology helps you be better at what you do best. Simplification, automation and digitization are just big words without consistently beneficial systems and processes.


Provide a balanced solution of proactive planning and reactive care when it’s needed. With initial response times better than industry-standard and solutions delivered averaging less than 24 hours, we deliver.


We use custom HelpDesk and inventory software, along with old-fashioned, yet cutting-edge, communication to bring you the best support we can.

Why Us

Response time is critical - no one does it better than us. Want an honest answer? Just ask. Whether we can or cannot, you’ll find it. Long term commitment? Done.



We implement cutting-edge cybersecurity protocols to mitigate cyber attacks and prevent pointless loss of time and profit.

Technology Consultation

We provide a unique blend of efficient process-focused consultation. With over 40 years of combined consulting, coaching and leadership experience, we deliver solutions for your everyday needs.

Professional Development

We'll help set attainable goals that stretch your staff toward continuous improvement and empower them with the confidence they need.

Form Digitization

Specializing in reducing database entry and redundant data. Also automating everyday forms, such as applications, field trip forms and even health forms, you'll be able to raise your level of service while reducing time and stress.

1:1 Program Implementation

Frye International supports you every step of the way. From implementation to role- definitions to supporting technology literacy, and even curriculum development, we deliver so your students and staff are prepared.

Marketing and Communication

From designing an effective strategy to developing methods and processes of delivery, we'll help you develop and maintain consistent messages that align with your mission.

Website Design

Custom internet platforms for you. Helping you deliver the information you need into the hands of your stakeholders consistently and expeditiously. From sleek, cutting edge design to mobile push- notifications, we help you deliver.

The Team

We are a family business.

Kevin Frye

Founder & CEO

Lisa Frye


Mason Frye

Creative Director

Get in Contact

We are headquartered in Monroe, Ohio, directly between Cincinnati and Dayton and are proud to serve the local community here. We encourage you to get in contact for information.


[email protected]


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