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    Welcome to Frye International!

    Unique and customized technology consultation

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    Classroom Technology Integration

    We partner with the best to provide you the right combination of products and services you need to excel - in and out of the classroom. From interactive projectors to streaming multimedia devices, we'll help you interact - untethered.

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    Professional Development is Critical

    A commitment to excellence requires ongoing, continuous improvement. This not only leads to competence in the workplace, but instills the confidence needed to stay in touch with today's technology.

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    Closing the Loop

    Everything from strong communication to best-practice services to the latest products for business and education, you'll need easy-to-manage processes to keep things moving in the right direction - from start to finish.

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About Us

Technology should help, not hinder.

At Frye International, we believe that technology should help you be better at what you do best. Simplification, automation and digitization are just big words without consistently beneficial systems and processes.

What We Do Best

We provide a balanced solution of proactive planning and reactive care when it’s needed. With initial response times better than industry-standard and solutions delivered averaging less than 24 hours, we deliver.

How We Do It

We use custom HelpDesk and inventory software, along with old-fashioned, yet cutting-edge communication to bring you the best support we can.

Why Choose Us

Response time is critical - no one does it better. Want an honest answer? Just ask. Whether we can or cannot, you’ll find it. Long term commitment? Done.

Our services

We provide a collection of complementary services to meet your needs.

Technology Consultation

We provide a unique blend of efficient process-focused consultation. With over 40 years of combined consulting, coaching and leadership experience, we deliver solutions for your everyday needs.

Professional Development.

We'll help set attainable goals that stretch your staff toward continuous improvement and empower them with the confidence they need.

Form Digitization.

Specializing in reducing database entry and redundant data. Also automating everyday forms, such as applications, field trip forms and even health forms, you'll be able to raise your level of service while reducing time and stress.

1:1 Program Implementation.

Frye International supports you every step of the way. From implementation to role- definitions to supporting technology literacy, and even curriculum development, we deliver so your students and staff are prepared.

Marketing and Communication.

From designing an effective strategy to developing methods and processes of delivery, we'll help you develop and maintain consistent messages that align with your mission.

Website Design.

Custom internet platforms for you. Helping you deliver the information you need into the hands of your stakeholders consistently and expeditiously. From sleek, cutting edge design to mobile push- notifications, we help you deliver.

Questions Answered At a Glance

Q. How do I know if my computer has been infected with a virus?

A: There are many different virus types today, but some common symptoms to look for. Here’s a few: 1. Misdirected web pages, popups, sluggish computing and error messages - especially ones promising to “fix” or “diagnose” your issue. What to do? Disconnect from the internet, write down the symptoms and ask for help. It is possible that after detection it may be too late to recover everything, but there are steps to recover data in many cases. Prevention is the best way to protect yourself, especially if you are on a network.

Q. How do I setup Head Gesture controls on my iPad?

A: To set up head gesture controls in iOS 8, head to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Switch Control. Toggle Switch Control on and then tap Switches and Add New Switch to assign your gestures. Choose Camera as the source, then you can assign both left and right head movements.

Q. How do I choose the right laptop/tablet?

A: There are too many answers to put here. Asking an expert is always a good idea, but here are a few questions to always consider before purchasing: 1. What do I want to accomplish with this device? 2. Where will I use it the most? Second most? 3. How much storage, if any, do I need? 4. What is my price range? These will help you narrow the choices down.

Q. How do I speed up my iPad?

A: 1. Keep current with your updates. From past experience, some would say the opposite. Apple’s history for iPad updates has proven beneficial to always stay current. 2. Delete unnecessary Apps. 3. Clear the Safari cache under Settings, Safari, “Clear History and Website Data.” That’s a good start toward keeping things running at their optimum.

Our Team

Kevin Frye

Founder, CEO, and COO

Lisa Frye


Mason Frye

Chief Web Designer


Contact Details

We are headquartered in Monroe, Ohio directly between Cincinnati and Dayton and are proud to serve the local community here. We encourage you to get in contact for information.

Monroe, Oh